User tag permissions (VIPs) (VP)

With user tags, you can categorize users. Also, you can allow certain users specific permissions. For example, you can allow an user with a certain tag to enter a room, while other users cannot enter.


In the admin panel click on 'Settings' and select 'Virtual event settings'.
Select 'Program' in the menu on the left
Scroll down and tick the box for the setting 'Enable to only allow VIP attendees to join, will show a video when a non-VIP tries to join'.
Click on 'Save changes'.

Manual adjustments in the admin panel

In the admin panel click on 'Content' and select 'Programme'.
Create a new programme item or select and edit an existing programme item by clicking the edit icon. Select users with a tag that have permission to enter the programme item.
Click on 'Save changes'.
Custom virtual event videos can be added which will play when entering the programme item.

The end result