Companies (VP)

This article describes how companies can be represented in the virtual event.

This article describes how companies are added to the admin panel and how they are displayed in the app.

Upload of Excel sheet templates

One way to insert company data into the admin panel is through Excel sheets. Here the Excel sheets can be found, next to some information on how to fill them. Please also make sure to have a look at this article before starting your import of companies.

Manual adjustments in the admin panel

The data can always be edited, added, or deleted manually in the admin panel. We recommend making adjustments manually when there are small changes shortly before the start of your event or during the event.

This article describes how to make adjustments manually and the options the admin panel has to offer under 'companies'. This article describes how to customize the sortation of the tabs in the company stand.

Order of tabs

The order of the tabs in the company booths may be rearranged in the virtual event settings.

Virtual event settings

Additional settings for companies have been added for LGD 3.0, which can either be adjusted in the admin panel or a company booth by company representatives:



Is premium branding enabled?

Exhibitors can request premium branding settings when editing their company booth in the platform if this settings is currently disable. Premium branding settings allow to upload a custom header, add banner and to remove the Let's Get Digital footer

Can people download a brochure?

Enables the option to download a brochure from the company booth.

Are appointments enabled?

Enables the option to schedule meetings with company representatives.

Only show CTA's in tab

Only shows CTA's in the 'More' tab when enabled. Brochures will not be shown in this tab when enabled.

Allow employees to download CTA export

Employees may download an Excel file straight from their company booth including the responses to CTA's.

Header image

Add a header image with the dimensions 700px * 240px.

Image footer

Add a footer image with the dimensions 140px * 56px.

Image left

Add an image on the left with the dimensions 120px * 600px.

Image right

Add an image on the right with the dimensions 120px * 600px.

Stand colour

Adjust the colour of the stand.

Selected employee 1

Select a company representative to be displayed on the left side of the company stand landing page.

Selected employee 2

Select a company representative to be displayed on the right side of the company stand landing page.

The result

Select 'Companies' from the menu in the top-right corner or by clicking a tile in the lobby. A list of companies will show.

In case there aren't any companies added yet to the admin panel, this lobby tile will not be visible

When you click on a company their page will show. The page includes:

  • Users connected to the company.

  • Information about the company.

  • A chat box where you can chat with users connected to the company.

  • A YouTube/Vimeo live stream or video, or a Twitch/Jet-stream live stream.

  • A downloadable brochure.

Click on 'Edit' at the top of the screen to edit the company details.

At the company page, you can choose to connect with a user connected to that company. Several options for getting in touch will be available:

  • Make a connection.

  • Select to request a meeting.

  • Start a chat.

Note: When someone sends a chat message in the company booth, the users connected to the company will receive this message also in their chats.

When a company is connected to a program item, the featured sessiOn will show in the 'Speaks at' tab.

The premium branding images will be displayed as follows:

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