Registration settings (App)

The home page/settings

To find the option to manage the registration settings within the admin panel:
  1. 1.
    In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.
  2. 2.
    Select 'App settings'.
3. Click on 'Registration' from the left-hand menu.

Managing your registration

Manage registration settings by adjusting the following settings:
Enable skipping the login screen
The login screen will be skipped when enabled.
Enable skip email during the registration
Users do not have to fill in their email during registration when enabled.
Enable a registration button on the home screen
When enabled, an extra option will be displayed on the home screen to register.
Enable registration with code-only
Users can register using only their personal code when enabled.
Enable email validation
When enabled, users will have to validate their email to login to the app.
Send a notification to the following e-mail addresses
The added e-mail addresses will receive the registration notification new registration when a new user registers.
Enable using duplicate e-mails
When enabled, duplicate e-mail addresses can be used to register.
Enable account takeover mode
When using two e-mails for registration, one of the existing accounts can be taken over by another user.
Enable badge printing during registration
When someone registers, their badge will automatically be printed when using the badge printing module.
Enable QR code scanner when the app starts
On the login screen, a button to scan QR-codes is displayed when this setting is enabled.
Open the QR scanner when the app starts
When enabled, the QR-scanner will automatically open when the app starts.
Enable automatic login with a cookie
Users can automatically login using cookies when this setting is enabled.
Allow first login with a badge scan
When this setting is enabled, users can login for the first time by scanning the QR-code on their badge.
Use a registration code that everyone can use
This setting can be used to setup a general registration code for users to use when logging in.
Enable companies to create registration codes for their employees
When enabled, companies can create registration codes for for their employees for their convenience.
Extra text for privacy policy (will be shown above the standard terms)
Insert extra text for the privacy policy which has to be accepted upon logging in for the first time.
Reminder: Don't forget to save your changes!
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