Push notifications (App)

You can set up and control who to and when push notifications are sent via the admin panel. This article describes where you can control them from and how to create/edit/delete them.

Available for: in-person events; packages: core, advanced and extensive

The home page

To find the push notifications feature within the admin panel, hover over the communication tab and select 'Push notifications' from the drop down menu.

Sending option admin panel

Push notifications are the best and most effective way to communicate with your users. One of the reasons it is effective is that you can filter who you send notifications to from the following groups:

  • Push to everyone - Every registered user.

  • All speakers - Every user who is assigned as a speaker to any programme item.

  • All company representatives - Anyone linked to a company.

  • Programme item - Anyone linked to a programme item (I.e. Users who have favourited a programme item, and speakers).

  • All hosts/organisers - Every user that is set up as a host or an admin.

  • Users with tag - Users with a specific tag (Choose which tags later).

Sending option app

In the app, navigate to admin options in the menu, and click on 'Send push notification':

Managing push notifications

Creating a notification

Step 4 is split into two options, A and B. They are explained in the steps below but the difference is when the notification is sent.

Follow option B to set your notifications up for a later time and save the need to create them during the event!

  1. Open the home page.

  2. Choose who you want to send the notification to.

3. Complete the fields as applicable (Any fields marked with a * are mandatory). 4. a) Click on 'Send now' if you want to send the notification immediately (Choose this option and any following steps will no longer apply) b) Click on 'Send push notification later' to display additional settings for deferring the notification to a later date/time. 5. Choose the date and time you want the notification to be sent. 6. Click on the green 'Send later' button.

Editing and deleting a notification

Each notification has two icons to its right (Under actions):

Note: If you chose to send the notification immediately, you can edit the time to re-send the same notification at a future time.

The end result

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