Networking tables (Virtual event)

This is a module that allows your event to create private sessions for a specific group of users. This article explains how to manage virtual networking tables and more.

Available for: online events; packages: advanced and extensive

The home page

To find the networking table feature within the admin panel, hover over the communication tab and select 'Networking tables' from the drop down menu.

Understanding the home page

On the home page, there are a variety of quick view headings for your list of networking tables. These are as follows:


Name of the table

The company connected to the table

The amount of spots reserved of the total amount of spots available

The date and time when the meeting is taking place

The assigned location of the table. Is labelled as a 'Virtual table' when the meeting is taking place online

Statistics for each networking table

You may edit or delete a networking table all together

Note: When a networking table is linked to a company, then all exhibitors linked to the company will receive a notification when someone joins the corresponding network table (unless they are present at that network table at that moment). Other users that are assigned to the table will also receive this notification.

Managing Tables

Creating a table

  1. Open the home page.

  2. Complete the 'Networking Table' fields as applicable (Fields marked with a * are mandatory).

  3. Add a name, thumbnail and description, start time and end time in the appropriate tabs. The thumbnail should be a square image of at least 500*500px in size.

  4. Enter a subscription end time. Users are allowed to register for the physical networking table up until the entered time.

  5. Additional options are to:

    1. Allow a maximum number of free spots for users to register (not connected to the company connected to the table).

    2. To connect a company to the table.

    3. Add reserved places for company representatives.

    4. To only allow attendees with a specific tag to register for the networking table.

Editing and deleting tables

Each table has two icons to their right (Under actions):


On the stats screen, you can see the number of subscribed users, who's subscribed, and when they subscribed. To find, open and close the stats screen:

  1. Open the home page.

  2. To close the pop-up again, select 'Close'.


Follow the instructions on the navigation article to find out how to add this (and other features) to your event as a lobby tile or as an item in the menu of your virtual platform! It is also possible to add a programme item that links the attendees to the networking tables!


Additional settings for the networking tables within the admin panel can be found here.

The setting that participants can create networking tables during the event will look like this on the platform:

Note: Users can quickly filter for the 'rigdrop-downrking table by using the search button in the bottom right of the networking tables overview page. This can be very useful when there are many networking tables active at the same time and the attendees are searching for a specific one.

Kick users from the table

As an admin or table owner it is possible to kick users from the table either back to the Lobby or to the Networking table overview. This can be completed using the following steps:

  1. From the virtual event go to the Networking table

  2. In the top right corner click the 3 dots --> select 'Remove users from networking table'

  3. Choose either to send users to the Lobby or to the Networking table overview

The end result

The tables are shown and may be selected from the map to join the table. The networking tables can also be joined from the company booths of linked companies as well as from a lobby tile and a navigation item:

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