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Lobby content (Virtual event)

This article explains the Lobby content settings.
As the central meeting point of your virtual event, the lobby can be adapted to your event's specific content.
Below are listed the Lobby content settings that can be managed:
Setting name
Select the Lobby content type
You can choose between multiple content options in the lobby; - No content - YouTube Livestream - YouTube - Twitch Livestream - Vimeo Livestream - Embed webpage (iframe) - Jetstream Livestream - Image
Your content input
Dependent on the type of lobby content selected you will need to provide relevant links or file.
Enable poll functionality
Enables the option to place a poll in the Lobby chat
Enable question and answer functionality
Enables the option to place a Question and Answer in the lobby chat
Activity Enhancment Booster
Once activated user activity updates will appear in the lobby content for example; John has entered the Networking tables.
Enable jet-stream advanced privacy player
If the Jetstream Lobby content type has been selected you can place advanced security on the content.
Last modified 3mo ago