Invoice system (VP)

In this article the calculation process of the invoice is explained.

The calculation

Some users can be attendees, exhibitors and speakers at the same time. With orders this is calculated as follows:
User type
Registered users
All users that have been imported into our system (the admin panel)
Logged in users
All registered users that have been logged or checked into the event*
All registered users that are organisers
All registered users that are speakers, but no organisers
All registered users that are exhibitors, but are no organisers and speakers
All registered users that are no organisers, speakers or exhibitors.
*) The logged or checked in users are counted once the event platform is closed. If users are deleted after this date they still count in the total number of logged-in users.
Beware: the amount of logged-in users (being logged-in organisers, speakers, exhibitors and attendees) will be charged after the event!

Admin Panel - Order Overview

After the event you can easily see how we do the post-calculation of your event.
Go to your admin panel after the event has ended. In the general overview it now has an additional view -> Billing:
Note: If you booked support hours these will be also added in the general overview:

Admin Panel - Billing (order overview)

If you click on the blue link you will go to your order overview where you can see what will be on your post calculation:
At the 'About' section you can also download a complete excel overview. Here you can get a detailed overview of the post calculation.
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