Sessions (Virtual event)

During a Let's Get Digital event we want your program to be as interactive as possible to include your attendees.

Will you receive a reminder for the next session? Yes, you and every attendee will receive notifications for programme items in your personal programme.

How many parallel sessions can be held at once and how can this be managed? As many as you would like! You can create several sessions beforehand. If you want to link people to a session in advance and they are not allowed to attend other sessions, you have to indicate this in the Excel sheet we provide under "personal program".

What are the interactive parts of the sessions? Chat room Q&A Live Polling Breakout rooms Give an attendee broadcast permission

Can you have several speakers during one session? For example, a keynote hosted by two people from two different locations? Yes, this is possible as we insert people in the admin panel and mark them with a tag if they are a speaker. Then the speakers receive different rights for their presentation and two different people can be speakers simultaneously.

The attendance number displayed in the Samba live menu differs from the number displayed on the chat on the right side, how come? The amount of users present in the session is correctly displayed in the attendee overview of the Samba live menu. The reason for the deviating number displayed on the right side is the way we are regulating our server traffic. We ''slow down'' the number of attendees entering the lobby and sessions. This way we can guarantee a flawless transition, without affecting the experience of users.

Users will not be impacted since trafficking the servers occurs in the background. The only notable difference is the number of users present as displayed in the chat on the right side of the session.

Can the speaker present files/ presentations? Yes, it is possible to present PowerPoint presentations or upload files in the handout tab (which are only accessible to the person that uploads the files). This is only possible for a speaker who received the right to do so. Please find detailed information for speakers here.

In the lobby when you click on the menu in the top-right corner you can find a tab where you can upload files. Handouts or other files can be posted here for attendees to download. You can add a thumbnail and description for the files.

Is it possible to present PowerPoint in a larger format and, for example, also show the speaker? Yes, the speakers have several layout options. The layout options are full screen, tiled or thumbnail and are for each person available, speaker or attendee.

Can you create polls in advance that will be held during the meeting? Yes, you can create them and put them in the queue. This can be done just before the session. We advise you to create them in advance in a document, then you can fit your copy in the template and put them in the queue quickly!

Is it possible to have someone ask a question during a keynote and then visualize that person when he asks that question? Yes, this is possible as a speaker. You can give an attendee broadcast permission and they will be asked whether they would like to join in with a microphone and webcam.

Is there a possibility of a demand and a supply wall? No, not at the moment.

Do you see all the questions asked in a Q&A or just your own? Normally only your own questions, unless the speaker or moderator publishes your question. Then everyone can see the question and can even up-vote or down-vote the question. This offers the speaker the option to answer questions with the most up-votes.

Once a discussion starts, how can this be managed? The speaker is enabled to manage a discussion. Attendees also have the option to mute each other. This is ultimately up to the organization or speaker to choose how to manage the discussion.

Can we pre-record sessions and upload them? (Also without a time restriction so you can watch them during the whole day or days) Yes, that's possible!

How can you record the session? This is possible with Samba Live. All you need to do is to click on "record". The videos will be uploaded to the admin panel and can be downloaded.

For how long will the recording of a session be available? At the moment the recordings will be available up to a week after the session. We are working on extending the amount of time.

Are all sessions/keynotes included by default and can they be shared afterwards? (via Let's Get Digital?) Sessions can be recorded with our tool. The recordings can then be shared via a video service (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube). Possibly we can integrate those links into the environment, but it has to be done via one of the mentioned services.

Is it possible to watch back another session as an attendee? No, however, the organizer can record the session and upload/ communicate them in their own channels.

Speakers often use flip-overs during a session. Can a speaker use one in a virtual session? Yes, this feature will be implemented when we launch our new system!

How much time in advance are speakers and attendees allowed to enter a session? Speakers can enter a session 180 minutes in advance. Attendees can enter a session five minutes in advance.

How do you set up breakout rooms? This article explains how speakers can set up breakout rooms.

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