Interaction Tools (App)

The interaction tools allow the audience to interact during your live sessions. This article explains how to set this up and add a live chat, polls, and Q&A's to your session.

How to set it up

  1. First, make sure the interaction tools in the app are enabled. Navigate to settings > app settings > layout.

  2. Under chat options, enable the interaction tools for your session.

  3. The next step, is to enable the interaction tools for the session(s) where you want to use them. Go to content > programme > new session. Under options, you can enable chat, poll, and Q&A.

  1. Now your interaction tools are enabled, and you can add new polls, chats, and Q&A's via the app.

How to add weighted votes to your polls

  1. To add weighted votes to your interaction tools, make sure the module is enabled under settings > app settings > session.

Now that you have set this up, users can vote for polls as many times as indicated in their user profile.

Example: If I have 5 weighted votes, I can vote for 5 different polls, with the weighted poll function.

How it works

  1. Open and login to the app.

  2. Open the navigation and click on the programme.

  3. Click on the session that you have added the interaction tools to.

  4. Scroll down and set up your polls, Q&A's or write your first message in the chat.

More information on how to set up and use polls in sessions, can be found in this article.

How to show the interaction tools on a screen during your in-person event

  1. Go to settings > app settings.

  2. Navigate to Layout and scroll down to chat options.

  3. Here, you can generate chat iFrame URL by selecting 'Click here'.

  4. Select your interaction tool > sessions.

  5. Select the session for which you want to show the interaction tools on a screen.

  6. Click on 'Generate URL'.

  7. The chat iFrame url will now become visible on the screen and can be used to show on a screen during your live event.

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