Mail editor

Here you can find multiple mail templates that can be personalized so it fits the desired branding and content.

When selecting one of templates, you get brought the mail editor.

Editing Mails

  1. Give the template a name, so it is easier to find for later use.

  2. Add an informative subject.

  3. Customise the content. More on this below.

  4. Save as draft, in the low right corner.

A template cannot be deleted once the mail is scheduled for delivery

Always test your mails by sending a preview to yourself after your template is done. The preview mail will be sent to your mail address and you can test the working of all links.

Customise and personalize content using dynamic user fields

You can set up variable elements within your mail template which change based on the information connected in the admin panel. Useful for personalized mails.

When clicking on the option dynamic user fields you will be able to insert variable information. The variable information is dependant on the respective information of the receiving user, admin panel, organisation information etc. The different variables and respective information are explained below;

Event tagsDescription

Name of the organisation

General settings -> Organisation information -> Name of the organiser.

Organisation Address

General settings -> Organisation information -> Address of the organiser.

Organisation website

General settings -> Organisation information -> Website of the organiser.

App name

App settings -> General -> Name of the app.

Event name

General settings -> Event information -> Name of the event.

Email subject

Subject of the e-mail that you filled in the template editor.

Recipient tagsDescription

Recipients full name

Takes the full name from the users profile as listed in the admin panel.

Recipients first name

Takes the first name from the users profile as listed in the admin panel.

Recipients last name

Takes the last name from the users profile as listed in the admin panel.

Recipients email

Takes the email from the users profile as listed in the admin panel.

Recipients Login code

Provides users with their login code (or activation code taken from their profile in the admin panel).

Personal programme

Lists the personal program of the user.

Personal programme with speaker

Lists the personal program of the user with the relevant speaker name.

QR code app

Places a QR code within the email that users can use to check in to the event or login to the app.

Link tagsDescription

Personal download app link

Provides users with a personal link to download the app

Personal go to virtual event link

Provides users with a personal link to access and login to the virtual event

Action button

You can add an action button that is placed in the header of the mail that directs users to either the app or virtual event or a custom URL. Also, registration, RSVP and login options can be included via an action button for quick responding.

Mail Includes


Include badge

You can choose to include an A4 badge to the mail template that users can print and bring to a physical event for check-in purposes. The badge can be customised in the badge printing settings.

Include ICAL

Allows you to include an ICAL calendar invite in the mail.

Attach extra files

Allows you to include one or more files in the mail. Recommended file size is a maximum of 25 MB.

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