User badges

Badges can be downloaded and printed for users to use during the live event. This article explains how to generate badges (for a specific user group).

The home page

To find the home page for user badges in the admin panel, select 'User badges' from the actions drop-down menu on the user's home page.

Understanding the home page

On the home page, there are a variety of quick view headings for the generate badges. These are as follows:

TimeSortFilter checked-inStatusActions

Date and time the badges were generated

Badges are sorted by either first- or last name

'Yes' includes badges of not checked-in users, while 'No' does not include these users

The status of the generated badges, either 'Success', 'Waiting', or 'Failed'

Successfully generated badges may be exported as a PDF-file or re-generated

How to generate user badges

  1. Open the home page.

  2. Click on 'Generate new badges'.

  3. Select the sort the badges either by first or last name.

  4. Tick the box to only include badges of not checked-in users.

  5. Additionally, there is an option to generate badges for a specific group of users with a tag.

  6. Click on 'Generate badges'.

Please note: Generating a badge may take a moment. Please refresh the page to receive an update on the status.

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