Lobby or programme stream (Virtual event)

During a Let's Get Digital event you can show a live stream in the lobby.

How do I integrate a live stream? In the admin panel under Virtual Event, it is possible to add a live stream to the lobby. This offers you the option to have your host welcome the attendees for example. You can set up a live stream through Jet-Stream, YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo. Find more information here.

Which live stream platforms are supported? In the lobby and a programme item, you can set up a Jet-Stream, YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo live stream. Creating a YouTube account is free, but you do need an active AdSense YouTube account to live stream on the Let's Get Digital platform. Creating a Jet-Stream account for live streaming costs money, but you can sign up for a free account which you can use for a month. Live streaming on Twitch is free, but the stream will be streamed on the website of Twitch publicly. In order to stream through Vimeo, a premium account has to be set up.

Can we combine a live stream in a session and have external speaker(s) present simultaneously? Add a live stream in a Samba programme item in the Content Library. External speakers can join their session like they normally would by logging into the platform on their PC or laptop. When you add the YouTube URL and double click it the speakers and the live stream will show simultaneously. It is possible to adjust the size and position of the windows.

Can we pre-record sessions and upload them? Also, without a time restriction so one can watch the recordings during the whole day or days? Yes, that's possible! You can record it via the tool and publish the recording later, for example via Vimeo or YouTube.

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