App design tool

Take control of your apps branding yourself within the Admin panel and have a completed design within 5 minutes!

You can access the app design tool under Settings -> App design.

How to design your app

Let's start with the Layout page:


Splash Screen

The splash sceen is a screen that will appear when the app is loading. Here you can change the splash screen background and splash screen logo by clicking on to the different elements

Useful Dimensions: - Splash screen background: 640 x 1134 pixels - Splash screen logo: 512 x 512 pixels

Start screen + Login Screen

When users have not yet logged into the app they will find the Start screen and Login screen. Here you can change many elements by simply clicking on them.

Meta data

On the Meta data page you will provide crucial information that will be used in the Google Playstore and App store including:

  • App name

  • Name of App in the store

  • Organisation website

  • App description

  • Small description (android only)

  • Keywords)

  • App icon (IOS)

  • App icon (android)

Here are some examples for you!

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