Workshop rounds (App)

Create session groups for your programme using the session group function.

How it works

You can create session groups where it's possible to list related sessions to. Once set up users will go to the program and will see the session group listed alongside any other sessions or session groups created. The user will be able to click on the name of the session group and see all of the connected workshop sessions.

How to set up workshop rounds

You must enable the App setting 'Enable multipe rounds for workshops' before you can create workshop rounds

Creating a new workshop round

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to 'Conent' --> 'Programme'

  3. Click on '+New workshop round'.

  4. Complete the relevant fields

  5. Click on 'Add workshop round'.

How to connect sessions to a workshop round

You will need to ensure that the relevant sessions are created in the admin panel and set to the type workshop. You can then complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to Content --> Programme

  3. Click on the edit symbol of the relevant workshop round

  4. Scroll down to the section workshops

  5. Type the session name in the search bar

  6. Click add to connect the relevant sessions

  7. Click save changes

How to edit/ delete workshop rounds

Each workshop round has two icons to their right (Under actions):

​Edit icon: Click here to make adjustments similar to when creating a workshop round. Delete icon: Click here to remove the workshop round altogether.

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