This is dashboard is the first page you see once you have logged into the 'Admin panel'.

When you have logged into the Admin panel you will first land on the 'Overview' page. This is a dashboard that provides quick access to key elements of the Admin panel and important statistics- information for your event.

On the left-hand side, you'll find the contact information for your Consultant should you experience any difficulties.

Bottom of the overview

Further down the overview you can view and manage how active the social wall is with the number of wall posts, replies, and likes.

Personal profile

In the right upper corner you can find your personal profile:



Here you can change in which language you see the admin panel (choose from English, Dutch, German and French)

Switch event

If you have multiple environments, you can easily switch between admin panels via this button. Make sure your email address, code and password are the same in all environments.

Profile & account

Here you can view and edit your own profile

Virtual event

You will be redirected to the virtual platform (if applicable).

Exhibitor portal

You will be redirected to the exhibitor portal (if applicable).

App download page

You will be redirected to a webpage that shows 2 buttons. Via these buttons, you can easily download the app via the Google play store or the App Store.

App download page (with QR)

You will be redirected to the same webpage as the app download page, but with two QR codes that will redirect you to the Google playstore / App store.


When you click here, you will be logged out of the admin panel.

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