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Social Media - Share Option (Virtual event)

This article describes the 'Share' feature, how it can be used and setup.
When logging into the virtual event platform for the first time users are asked to share their location. The location is then used to calculate the amount of CO2 and Trees that have been saved by attending the event virtually.
Once the CO2 and Trees have been calculated a pop-up appears with an overview of this data. Users can share this information on their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via E-mail)
Admins can pre-determine the choice of images that the user can share and suggest a text that they can use.
In the suggested text template set by default, we have inserted a variable code that automatically displays the individual's personal CO2 + Tree calculations.
Share your impact CO2 + Trees calculation
It is also possible for users to share additional content by going to their user badge found at the top of the virtual events side navigation.
Share your impact (User badge)

How to set-up

The share function is switched on by default, however, it is possible to personalise the content by completing the steps listed below:
  1. 1.
    In the Admin panel click --> Settings --> Virtual event settings --> Share
  2. 2.
    Adapt the content where relevant (please see table below for reference):
Saved trees image
Image dimensions 400x209 pixels
CO2 Reduced image
Image dimensions 400x209 pixels
Impact text
This text is displayed when sharing impact after first log-in to the platform
Impact text with no location
Text that can be shared when no location is shared.
Attending image
Image dimensions 400x209 pixels
Attending text
Text that is shared from user badge.
Hint: It is possible to translate the header 'Share your impact' perhaps to something like 'Share your experience'
Last modified 3mo ago