๐Ÿ“‹ Change log

This page will show you the latest changes and features that have been added to the platform.

Release 3.5.1 (planned for 05/10/2021)

  • โ€‹Badge printingโ€‹

    • We have added two default badge printing designs for short and longer badges.

    • The designs can be accessed through the badge printing interface.

  • Earthquake

Release 3.5 (released on 14/09/2021)

With release 3.5 we fixed some bugs in our system, additionally:

  • Virtual background in Samba (beta)

    • Users can upload a virtual background, blur the background on use one of the default options as a virtual background in Samba sessions.

  • Eventbrite integration

    • โ€‹Eventbrite forms can be imported via an integration, instead of having to use API-keys to setup an integration.

  • Earthquake

Release 3.4 (released on 01/09/2021)

  • Packaging and pricing

    • A package is selected, with the associated add-ons and modules, when the admin panel is created.

    • Specific settings in the admin panel are activated depended on the package type selected. Upgrade your current package to receive access to additional settings.

    • The active package type and add-ons are displayed on the overview of the admin panel. Information about upgrading to receive access to additional add-ons is indicated on the overview.

    • Select the appropriate tag for each user being online or in-person to provide them with the features and settings they need to attend the event.

  • Re-use environment

    • The admin panel and virtual event platform and/or application can be re-used, once you have organized an event with us.

    • By re-using an environment, you won't have to go over all the steps again to setup the virtual event platform and/or application.

Release 3.3 (released on 01/09/2021)

With release 3.3 we have been working on branding all our systems to the Let's Get Digital branding.

Additionally, we have added some functionalities to existing features:

  • โ€‹Pollsโ€‹

    • Multiple polls can be active simultaneously.

    • The number of new entries is displayed with a number in the tab, in case the tab is not active.

  • โ€‹Questions and answersโ€‹

    • Users receive a notification when their question is answered by the speaker.

    • Questions can be filtered and sorted by likes or time.

    • The number of new entries is displayed with a number in the tab, in case the tab is not active.

  • โ€‹Interactive mapโ€‹

    • Users can select others users displayed on the map to check their personal profile.

  • โ€‹Postersโ€‹

    • Selecting a start and end-time for a posters is no longer mandatory. Posters are active during the entire event when no specific time is selected.

Release 3.2.1 (released on 20/07/2021)

Release 3.2.1 offers additional features for the polls and questions and answers features:

  • Polls

    • Design updates for the polling functionality.

    • Speaker can disable or enable the polls feature through the speaker bar in their session.

  • Questions and answers

    • Design updates for the questions and answers functionality.

    • Attendees can select the portrait of a user who asks a question to view their profile.

    • Speakers can request attendees to cast a vote on a question (once).

    • Speakers can also answer Q&A questions directly through text instead of having to answer a question live.

    • Speakers and moderators have the option to move questions in the chat to the questions tab.

    • Speaker can disable or enable the Q&A feature through the speaker bar in their session.

Release 3.2 (released on 13/07/2021):

  • Polls

    • The implementation of polls in other session types than Samba, like YouTube, Twitch, Jet-Stream, Vimeo and Iframe with the same functionality.

  • Questions and answers

    • The implementation of Q&Aโ€™s in other session types then Samba, like YouTube, Twitch, Jet-Stream, Vimeo and Iframe with the same functionality.

Release 3.1.2 (released on 28/06/2021):

  • Custom references in URL's

    • Possibility to send out a user reference for external navigation to custom URL's into the platform.

  • Google index

    • Virtual event platforms are searchable with Google by default. By disabling this option in the general virtual event settings, people will not be able to search for the event platform through Google.

  • API Docs

  • Rate limit for chat messages and emoji's

    • In case users start spamming messages or emoji's in the lobby or a session, a pop-up will notify the user that they cannot send the message because they sent too many messages in a short time frame.

  • Poster exhibition

    • โ€‹Contributions are a feature for users to refer to papers or posters that contribute to a talk. These contributions can be linked to the navigation. The contribution page has a layout comparable to the company booths.

  • Admin panel reorder

    • The settings in the admin panel have been reordered and moved to the correct settings page.

  • Backups

    • Whenever a backup is reinstated, the time and person who initiated this will be logged.

  • Live map

    • The interactive map will visualize the traffic flow of an event's visitors. The visual representation of various rooms in the event will be displayed with small avatars representing the visitors. Whenever a visitor moves to attend a different session, the map will display an animation of the visitor moving towards the other room.

    • The interactive map can be accessed from the top bar of the virtual event platform. The map will show the attendance at each location.

Release 3.1.1 (released on 08/06/2021):

  • Call to action for companies

    • The CTA bar that was added to sessions to generate leads or share links, will also be added as a button in company booths.

  • Eventix and HubSpot implementation

    • โ€‹Eventix and HubSpot forms can be imported via an integration, instead of having to use API-keys to setup an integration.

  • User type moderator

    • New user type moderator will be added.

      • Just like with speaker rights, a user can be added as a moderator to a session at 'Connecting sessions' or at 'Connecting users' when managing their account in the admin panel.

      • Moderators have the rights to enter a session before the start of the session.

  • Pre-login cards

    • We optimized the loading speed of the speaker and company cards displayed on the login screen.

Release 3.1 (released on 24/05/2021):

  • Call to action

    • We have added a call to action bar to sessions, which offers the following options for speaker and admins:

      • A timer with the remaining time of the session.

      • The option to change the state of a session to a different state being either:

        • Go live.

        • Countdown.

        • Stop presentation.

      • The option to manage set-up CTA or to create a new CTA, which has a function depending on the selected type:

        • Lead - Get contact info by asking users to share their profile information.

        • Link - Provide users with a link to external sources or materials (Brochure, Website, Video).

  • Session interaction

    • The bottom bar allows attendees to use emoticons in session. The following emoticons can be enabled:

      • Emoticons ๐Ÿ‘ & ๐Ÿ‘.

      • Negative emoticon ๐Ÿ….

Release 3.0.4 (updated on 13/04/2021):

  • Removing stats

    • Stats can be removed at any time, for example prior to the start of event in the Stats view.

  • Company sorting

  • Tiles greyscale

    • The greyscale that was applied to the tiles in the lobby is no longer a default setting. Instead, the true colours of the tile pictures will be displayed. Greyscale can still be applied in the Advanced colour settings.

  • Lobby iframe

  • Company overview

    • Three company logos are displayed on the company overview next to each other, instead of two logos.

  • LGD 3.0 settings

    • In the LGD 3.0 settings, pick whether a minimized version or normal version of the company details is displayed.

    • Exhibitors can now be displayed at the bottom of the landings page of the virtual event.

    • The speaker circles displayed at the top of the landings page can now be hidden.

    • The speaker cards at the bottom of the landings page can now be hidden.

  • Search groups

  • Import files

    • Files containing users, companies, sessions, contributions or push messages can now be uploaded in the admin panel. Admins can decline, approve or import these files through the generic importer.

  • Feedback on leave event

    • When leaving the event platform, a pop-up can be enabled which links to a survey to obtain feedback.

Release 3.0.3 (updated 31/03/2021):

  • Company logos

    • New options were added to display the company logos on the company overview. The view can be adjusted in the LGD 3.0 settings.

  • Programme overview order

    • Programme items can now be sorted according to the location that was added to the session.

  • Onboarding templates

    • New onboarding mail templates were added. Check out this page to learn more about the use of the new templates.

  • Page tile

  • Programme overview style

    • We added an option to use a bar layout style for the programme overview. The program styling can be adjusted in the LGD 3.0 settings.

  • Event information

    • A section was added to the organisation page where you are required to fill in information, like the category of the event.

  • Delete chat messages

    • โ€‹Chat messages can now be deleted individually, instead of having to clear the entire chat.

  • Norwegian

    • Norwegian was added as a default language in the admin panel, app and virtual event environment.

Release 3.0.2 (updated 28/01/2021):

  • Company names

    • Names of the companies will now be displayed on the company overview, instead of just a logo.

  • Delay whole program

    • The possibility to delay the whole program. Check this article for more information.

  • Group video call

    • Setup a programme item for a group video call. Check this article for more information.

  • Ads

    • We released an update to make a distinction between ads in the mobile application and the LGD 3.0 platform. This way ads can be styled differently according to the used device.

  • User mail information

    • For the sent onboardings mail more information can be displayed by clicking the ''i'' under ''Actions''. Adds the possibility to see bounced, delivered and mails that are processing.