The following article highlights the different integrations that can be made with Let's Get Digital and how they can be setup.

You can integrate your registration form into Let's Get Digital.

This allows you to automatically sync users who have registered via the form into your event environment. The user data that can be synced is as follows:

  • Users Name

  • Users Company name

  • Users Company role

  • User E-mail

  • Users Phone number

  • Users personal program

  • Users personal QR-code

  • Users login codes

Setting up the integration

To integrate your registration form into Let's Get Digital please follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Inform your personal Event Consultant that you will use the integration.

  2. Create and/or log in to your account:

In Aanmelder:

  1. Go to 'API keys' in your Aanmelder account, under the blue circles

  2. Click on 'API key aanmaken' to make a new API key

  3. Name the new API key after the event + Aanmelder event number so you can easily find it back

  4. In the field 'Strekking' choose 'Toegang beperken tot Evenement'. Otherwise, this key will be available for all events in your account.

  5. If you click on 'show' you will then see the ID and Key

In the Admin Panel:

  1. Go to settings -> integrations -> integrations

  2. Click on '+ New Aanmelder' to make a new coupling

  3. Fill in the name, ID and key that you've just generated in Aanmelder (like the example below)

  4. If you press 'save changes' you can now map the fields from the Aanmelder registration form with the data fields from Let's Get Digital.

  5. After you've saved the information, a webhook URL will be generated (like Copy your personal webhook URL.

  6. Go to your profile in Aanmelder again and add this webhook URL to the API coupling.

If you have any questions about the part in Aanmelder, please contact Aanmelder. If you have any questions about the part in the Admin Panel, please contact your Let's Get Digital consultant.

Beware that the integration with Aanmelder syncs both ways. If users are created or deleted in the Admin panel they will also be added or removed in the Aanmelder form.

What should I pay attention to when setting up an integration with

Please note that our system cannot make a distinction when it comes to two separate event days that the attendees can sign up for.

The bulk of the connection with is done by Let's Get Digital as it involves exchanging API tokens. However, we need you to inform about your event so that they can upload it to their website. Once this is done, we can exchange the API tokens with them and sync the attendees.

Please note: To ensure no duplicates are created within the system any data included within the integration mustn't be additionally created through an Excel import or manually via the admin panel.

Please note that the Aanmelder registration form includes a normal QR code and a secure QR code:

These QR codes are necessary for the API to work. Therefore, do not turn off the QR codes in your Aanmelder registration form.

FAQs Personal programme Can the personal program be synced from in our admin panel? Answer: Yes, with Aanmelder the entire personal programme can be synced. This means that on the Aanmelder website of the event, the person is being asked during registration which programme items they would like to attend. In the settings in the admin panel after the coupling is made you can connect the programme items from the form with the program items in the admin panel.

Events that take multiple days Is splitting the attendees from one registration form possible when this is a multi-day event? Answer: No, this is not possible.

A person registers for multiple attendees with the same email How can we prevent duplicate email addresses in our system? Answer: You have to make sure that one person can only get one ticket through the form.

Additional information to sync Can you transfer other data from their system besides name and email address? Answer: Yes, you can transfer the following information: Users Name, Users Company name, Users Company role, User E-mail, Users Phone number, Users personal program and the Users personal QR-code Do I only need to fill in the program in one system? Answer: No, you have to fill in a program in our system as well as in the registration form.

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