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To find the option to manage the program settings within the admin panel:

  1. In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.

  2. Select 'App settings'.

3. Click on 'Program' from the left-hand menu.

Managing your program settings

Manage program settings by adjusting the following settings:



What do you want to shown in the program overview?

Either show locations or program tags in the program overview.

How do you want to show the type of speaker?

Select to display or not display speaker types on the program overview.

Enable filtering through workshop

Filtering is enabled in the day program view when enabled for the app.

Enable to show the type of a session

When enabled, the type of the session either plenary or workshop, will be displayed in the sessions overview.

Enable to have access tags on a session

When enabled, only users with a certain tag can subscribe to a session

Enable the attendee list for speakers and organisations in the app

When enabled, a list of present attendees who subscribed to a session can be viewed.

Enable option to export sessions to ICAL

When enabled, sessions can be exported to ICAL.

Enable sessions ordering by name, otherwise it will be ordered by order of input to the system

Enable or disable to order sessions by name.

Enable sessions by hour (default by exact time)

Enable or disable to display sessions by whole hour (e.g. 02:00) or exact time (e.g. 02:15).

Show empty start & end tabs in the session overview?

When enabled, empty start and end tabs will be displayed in the program overview.

Enable plenary sessions in the person programme by default

When enabled, all plenary sessions will be automatically displayed in the personal program of each user (and therefore all users are subscribed to this session).

Enable to allow users to set a reminder for a program item

Enable or disable whether users can set reminders for sessions. Users can also set their own preferences on the settings page in the app.

What should be the default timing of this reminder?

Select the amount of time users will receive a reminder before the start of a session. You can choose between 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or by default no reminder so users can set it for themselves.

Enable location sorting

When enabled, users can sort the program according to locations.

Show program items in timezone of the event

When enabled, the time of all the sessions will be displayed in the timezone where the event takes place. When disabled, sessions will be shown in the timezone the user is in.

Enable to use a speaker image as fallback image for a talk

If a session does not have an image, the system automatically sees if there are speakers with an image associated with the session. If so, the image of this speaker will be shown as a session image.

Reminder: Don't forget to save your changes!

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