RSVP function

This page describes how the RSVP function can be implemented

Available for: online and in-person events; packages: extensive

This function can be used to find out how many attendees you can actually expect for your event. Someone that signed up for the event months ago might in the end not make it anymore, so you can send out a 'RSVP' email to your attendees shortly before the event to find out who exactly will attend and who won't.

How to set it up

  1. In the admin panel, hover over 'Settings' and choose 'General settings'

  2. Choose 'Registration & pre-event page' on the left hand side menu

  3. Enable the checkbox for 'Enable the RSVP module

  4. Make sure a registration form is active on your platform, as it won't work without one

You can then send out your RSVP email:

  1. In the admin panel, navigate to 'Communications' and select 'Mails'

  2. Check the knowledge base article about email communication to learn more about the email-options that you have in our platform.

  3. You can either use the RSVP template that is provided or edit it to your liking and the nsend it out to the attendees

The attendees then click either on the 'attend' button or 'decline' button in the email. They will then get assigned a 'hidden tag' according to their response, which you can check in the admin panel (the tags are called 'Accepted' and 'Declined').

Additionally, the attendees that click on the 'attend' button in the email will be forwarded to your registration form, where they can fill in their details for the event. This will save time for when they log in on the day of the event.

The final result

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