Check-in/out (App)

It is important to know who is at your In-person event right? Learn how you can check-in/ out your attendees and see a clear overview (even in real time!)

Check-in/out users

The mobile app offers multiple ways for 'Admins' and 'Hosts' to Check-in and out people attending your event.

Check-in/out scanner

The fastest way to check in/ out people at your event is to use the scanning option. Here is how an Admin or host can do this:

  1. From the app menu go to 'Check in/out guests'

  2. Select either Check-in or Check-out to open the relevant scanner

  3. Aim the scanning camera at the user's QR code. If you do not directly receive a warning pop-up you can continue scanning the next person. If receive a warning this means the user has already been checked in/out or is not allowed to enter the event.

Manual check-in (in-app)

You can manually check in a user from within the event app as an Admin or host by completing the following steps:

  1. From the apps menu open 'Admin options'

  2. Choose 'Check-in manually'

  3. Type the name of the person you wish to check-in

  4. Click on the correct person's name

  5. Click 'Yes' to complete the check-in

You will receive direct confirmation that the person is checked in

Check-in status

Within the app, you can see a live overview of who has checked in/ out of your event. The overview gives you insight into specific user groups based on their tags.

To access this you can complete the following steps:

  1. From the apps menu go to 'Admin options'

  2. Choose 'Event check-in status'

  3. See at the top how many users are at the event now

  4. See at the bottom how many users have checked-out

  5. By clicking on a user group in the list you can see who specifically has checked-in

Check-in manager

From within the Admin panel, you have an overview of all the check-ins made at your event. This overview details:

  1. Date: The date and time a user was checked-in

  2. Scanned by: the host or Admin who checked a user in

  3. User: who was checked in

  4. Result: was the check-in successful

  5. Actions: allows you to remove the check-in of a user

How to access the check-in manager

You can access the check-in manager from your Admin panel by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to Users --> All users

  2. Click on the button 'Actions'

  3. Choose Check-in manager

Export checked-in/out users

You can make an export of all the Checked-in/out users from App statistics --> User export (excel)

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