Badge printing settings

To find the badge printing settings within the admin panel:

  1. In the Admin Panel, hover over settings.

  2. Select 'General settings'.

3. Click on 'Badge printing' from the left-hand menu.

Managing your Badge Printing Settings


Get your badge

Click here to find a preview of your badge

Badge type

Select the badge type here. If you have a custom badge, this type will also be shown here when implemented.

Do you want the badge to be generated before so you don't have to generate it on the fly?

If you have this setting enabled, once the badge has been generated by the system it will be updated less often. The advantage is that the badge can be printed out faster. So we only recommend having this setting enabled when the badges are completely ready for your event!

Organisation logo

Upload your organisation logo to show on the badge (only for default badges).

Primary color

Use the color picker to select a primary color for your default badge. Fallback color is #3b00ff.

Secondary color

Use the color picker to select a secondary color for your default badge. Fallback color is #ffa6ff

Show powered by Lets get digital on badge?

Enable to show a small text saying 'powered by Let's Get Digital' on the badge

Show the user QR code on the badge

Enable to show the user's QR code on the badge. With this QR code, they can easily check in and out at the event, be scanned for leads, check in to the app and make connections. Therefore, we recommend to enable this!

User tags on badge


Default Title

This title will be put on the badge if the user doesn't have any tags linked to their profile

Default tag title color

Here you can change the color of the default title.

Default tag background color

Here you can change the color of the background of the default title


Here you can specify for each tag what color the tag and tag background may be. This way you can easily distinguish between speakers and participants on the day itself. See the example below.

Hold automatic printing of users with tags

Here you can add tags. If a user has this tag and is being scanned for check-in, the check-in is blocked and the badge won't be printed. The scanner gets a message saying: "The event organiser wants to hold people with badge β€˜%s’ and therefore this person is not check-in automatically. Please double-check what to do, before continuing". This function can be used for example to take VIP people apart or to send people who haven’t paid their ticket yet through a different check-in.

Generating badges for all users

To download the printable PDF of every user's badge:

  1. Open the users home page.

  2. Click on '+ Generate new badges'

  3. Here you can choose the following options:

    • To sort the badges by first name or last name

    • To only include badges of not checked-in users

    • To only include badges of billable users

    • To specify a specific type of user that you want to import (by tag)

  4. Click on 'Generate badges'

  1. When the badges are ready, the status will be shown as 'Success'. Click on the download button in the user badges overview to download them (in a PDF file) to your PC and begin printing.

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