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This article explains the Breakout room function within Samba Live.

Breakout rooms are a function that can be enabled within a Samba Live session that allows speakers to move attendees of a session to a smaller group of users. This is a fantastic tool for creating small group discussions or sub-group work within a session itself. Speakers can open and close the breakout rooms to suit their program!

How to enable the Breakout Room Function

Within each Samba Live session, the breakout room function needs to be enabled. This can be completed via the Admin panel within each program.

The menu section

Breakout rooms are a great way to form sub-groups for group work during a session. Create a breakout room by clicking on the 'Create breakout room' button. Select how many rooms have to be created. Add more breakout rooms at a later stage if needed. Assign users automatically or manually.

We typically recommend that you have a maximum of 10 users per Breakout Room. This is due to the number of video tiles which can be displayed within the session at one moment

Action buttons

It is possible to rename the room or to delete it. Click on the blue 'Start breakout' button at the bottom of the page when the breakout rooms are set. The speaker can stop the breakout session at any given time, which will pull all the users back into the session. The speaker is also authorized to send broadcast messages to all the users.

The breakout rooms

When the breakout starts, the users will be asked if they would like to listen in, turn on their microphone or turn on their microphone and camera. In the breakout rooms, the users can have conversations, share their screens, use a whiteboard and use the content library (these tabs are explained below). Users in the breakout room can invite speakers to join the room. An invitation will show when a speaker is invited to join a breakout room. Speakers can also join breakout rooms by themselves. Users can leave a breakout room if they want to do so.

When a speaker is invited to enter a breakout room, the speaker may be asked to log into Samba Live. This is due to the setting of Samba Live. It is important that the speaker changes the setting in their browser to make sure Website tracking: Prevent cross-site tracking is turned off.

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