Virtual event (lobby tiles) (Virtual event)

The tiles in the lobby that link to certain navigation items can be customized, as explained in this article.

Please note: in the core package you cannot adjust where the Lobby tiles are linked to

How to set up the Lobby tiles

We have set 4 default lobby tiles that will already show on your virtual event lobby

Edit the virtual event lobby tiles

You can edit an already created menu item (including our default menu) by completing these steps:

  1. Go to Navigation settings

  2. Click on the tab named 'Virtual event (lobby tiles)

  3. Click on one of the 4 default lobby tiles

  4. You can now edit the following sections: - Name: the name that will appear on the lobby tile - Background image: the image that will fill the lobby tile (dimensions 400x400 pixels) - Set link to related page: where you will be directed to if you click into the tile from the lobby

  5. Don't forget to click 'Save changes'

Pro-tip: Give your sponsors more visibility by adding advertisements or linking one of the tiles to one specific company booth!

Note: In case there aren't any companies added yet to the admin panel, this lobby tile will not be visible.

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