Registration Form - Final Result

This article explains how to make the registration form accessible for attendees and the final result.

How to make it accessible for attendees

  1. In the admin panel, hover over 'Users' and choose 'Registration form'

  2. Click on the button that says '</>' next to your form

  3. You will be forwarded to the live registration form.

  4. You can copy that URL to your website or wherever you please to direct your potential attendees to sign up for the event.

You can also add the registration form to the pre event page:

  1. In the admin panel, hover over 'Settings' and choose 'General settings'

  2. Choose 'Registration & pre-event page' on the left-hand side menu

  3. Next to the header 'Registration form' you can search for the name of your registration form and select it

  4. Remember to save your changes

The final result

When a user registers via the registration form, the time of registration will appear in the user overview.

Listing multiple registration forms (on pre-event page)

It is possible to list multiple registration forms on the pre-event page. This means once a user clicks the register button, they will be provided with the opportunity to open and complete multiple registration forms specific to their needs.

For example; Your event program runs across four separate days, you may wish to allow users to register for a specific day and therefore also receive the day-specific tag.

The user can then choose one of the four registration forms based on the day they wish to attend.

How to set up

It is possible to place multiple registration forms on the pre-event page by completing the following steps:

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Go to Users -> Registration form

  3. Create the required registration forms using the steps listed earlier in the article

  4. Click on the blue button Β΄Registration groupsΒ΄

  5. Click on the green button Β΄+ New registration group'

  6. Use the table below to create a new registration group:

Setting nameExplanation


Name of the regitration group

Custom active date and time

Allows you to set when the registration forms should be visible on the pre-event page

Custom confirmation email

Allows you to send a specific email from your email templates to users once they complete a registration form.


Provide a brief description of the registration forms.

Connected forms

Choose which forms should be added to the group

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