Service packages (App + Virtual event)

For your event to be a success, we offer a variety of support services for event organisers which fit their needs. This article explains all the support services which are included.

Support meetings

You can book support meetings with your Event Consultant. In those meetings, your Event Consultant introduces you to the platform, shows you the important functionalities and answers your questions about the platform.

The organisation begins with the Setup Meeting where the organiser(s) meet their Event Consultant. During a 60-minute (or 90-minute) meeting, the Event Consultant gives an introduction to the event platform and explains the relevant features and functionalities relevant to your event.

After that, event organisers have the option to book 30-minute Check-up meetings. The number of meetings which an organiser can book depends on the event package. The check-up meetings can be used for the organiser to resolve questions about the platform. The meetings can also be used for feature demonstrations; meaning that the Event Consultant can consult the event organiser about helpful features for their event.

Keep in mind that you can always ask your questions by email or quick phone call, no matter which package you have booked.

You can reach us Monday to Friday between 9:00h and 12:00h (CET) and in the afternoon between 13:00h and 16:00h (CET).

Training support

Event organisers who have booked the extensive package can also book one speaker and one technical training for their events.

The speaker training includes the Event Consultant explaining all relevant information about the platform for the event’s speakers.

For organisers with an extensive subscription package, a technical training session can also be booked. In this session, the organiser is getting trained on backend settings for their event platform (e.g. SA tools, Excel imports, API integrations).

Emergency Phone & Extra Support

We also offer an emergency number for technical issues with the platform during your live event. This number is reachable 24/7 and will be provided by your event consultant before your event begins.

Do you want to feel even more secure? There is also the option to book live chat support with us during your event. Ask your event consultant for more information.

Please consult the below document for more information about live chat support:

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