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Vimeo (VP)

In a session a video or live stream can be built in as a programme item.

Setting up a Vimeo stream as a programme item

​Create a stream on Vimeo. The link needed to stream in the lobby is not the same link used for live streaming in a programme item.
To use a Vimeo live stream in a programme item:
  1. 1.
    On the Live Settings Page on the left side, select the 'Embed' tab:
2. Select the 'Event embed code' and insert the code in the Vimeo programme item. The link will look something like this:

Insert Vimeo in a programme item

Head over to the admin panel to link the Vimeo video or live stream to a programme item.
Click on 'Content' and select 'Programme' from the drop-down menu.
Add a new session.
Complete the basic fields as applicable:
Scroll down and click on 'Add session'.
Last modified 3mo ago