Sustainability (Virtual event)

Hosting events with a positive impact on people and the environment!

Hosting events online through the Let's Get Digital platform makes knowledge more accessible to the whole world while saving CO2.

Sustainability counter

Users will be asked to give us an estimation of their location. The amount of CO2 saved will be calculated based on their location. The pop-up shows how much CO2 is saved yet during the event.

Visit our website to see the amount of trees saved by hosting events through our virtual platform!

Here is more information about the CO2 savings calculation:

The users can fill in from where they are participating (in the platform) and you can fill in where the users would have to travel to if they don't join digitally. You can set that event location in the admin panel under 'Settings' -> 'Virtual event settings' -> 'General' and scroll down to 'Event location'. The calculation is based on average emissions at that distance and what the original emissions were.

The average emissions are based on this research.

And the calculation of distance is based on Google and in case Google can't calculate it well (so with flight distance) we make our own calculations based on this formula.

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