Platform and Application compatibility

How do the app and the desktop platform work together?

Is it possible to use Let's Get Digital without the app? Yes, this is possible. Let's Get Digital in combination with the app creates a full event experience. The app serves as a composition for the program, contacts, planning meetings etc.

Is it easy to log in and connect the app with the Let's Get Digital platform? Yes, everyone receives a personalized onboarding e-mail with a detailed description of what to do and how to then use both tools.

How do users know when to use the app and when to be on the platform of Let's Get Digital? Your Event Consultant will ensure that the app and the LDG platform have notifications and explanations for your end user to enhance the user experience.

How can I as Event Manager set up the environments? Your Event Consultant will walk you through the process in your Set-Up-Meeting and help you establish both the app and virtual event environment.

Is it possible to see the total number of attendees somewhere (even if people are anonymously attending)? Yes, administrators can see the total number of attendees through the admin panel.

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