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This article describes how you can add/edit/delete users within the admin panel for them to be able to download and use your app, plus all other functions that can be controlled.

Tip: There are 4 different types of users to know about before you begin to manage them:

  • Attendees - The event attendees.

  • Speakers - The presenter of a program item.

  • Organizers - The people who are arranging the event and are provided access to the admin panel.

  • Exhibitors - An attendee connected to a company attending the event.

Whilst there is an overall home page for all users, each type also has a dedicated home page to make the management process and functions easier to handle.

The home page

To find the users feature from within the admin panel, hover over the 'Users' tab and select either 'All users' or the specific type of user you are interested in.

Understanding the home page

On the home page, there are a variety of quick-view headings for your list of users. These are as follows:

NameE-mailExternal IdentifierPasswordTypeActions

The user's name

Their e-mail address

*When given otherwise left blank - Unique code that is given to all users in the system. This code must be unique.

Their registration code

Any associated tags

To individually manage the user.

Management buttons

Above the headers you can see four buttons , 'Actions', 'User Tags', 'Excel', 'New user'.


The actions drop-down menu has 3 different options:

  • Check-in manager - Control and view users who have or haven't checked in to the event.

  • Generate registration codes - Generate in bulk generic registration codes.

  • Export - Download the users in the admin panel with more options and control over how.

User Tags

For more information refer to 'User Tags'


To find the download button within the admin panel, select 'Excel' on the user's home page. When you click on the 'Excel' button you aren't directed to any new pages, instead it just starts the download automatically to your PC.

New user

For more information refer to 'Creating a user'

Ready to invite the users to the app

Once you have filled in the entire app through the Admin Panel and the app is published (always check first with consultant), you can now invite users to the app. Go to 'mails' for more information.

The result of logged in users (in the app)

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