Branding (Virtual event)

Your app and Let's Get Digital platform is branded.

Is it possible to design Let's Get Digital to match the branding of the event? Yes, the organizer can add logos and change the colours in Let's Get Digital through the admin panel. Here you can see an example of how colours can be adjusted. Also, the information of your organisation will be in the systems, see here how this can be inserted.


How can the organizer implement sponsors/partners/exhibitors into Let's Get Digital? The organizer will provide the users, companies and programmes through Excel sheets to their Delivery Consultant. Beforehand you and your Delivery Consultant discuss the content in a Set-Up-Meeting. These Excel sheets will then be inserted in the system and the data will show in the admin panel of the app as well as in the Let's Get Digital platform.

Can sponsors still scan their leads? Yes, you can still make connections with other attendees through the Let's Get Digital platform and also within the app.

What is the maximum number of people that can enter the virtual booth at the same time? In the booth the amount is unlimited, if you want to video chat 1-on-1 it depends on the availability of the booth staff.

What are the possibilities in the virtual booth? Preliminary information of the exhibitors, see who is present from the company and then immediately start a 1-on-1 meeting with one of the company representatives. If the company representatives are all occupied you can plan a meeting. You can showcase a video or live stream in the booth and add a downloadable brochure.

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