Jet-Stream (VP)

In the lobby a Jet-stream live stream can be build in to welcome everyone who logs in.

Set up an account

To start a live stream a webcam, microphone and a Jet-Stream account are required. Make sure to have the most up-to-date browser, operating system, and a good internet connection (500+ Kbps).
To set up a live stream on a desktop an account has to be created on Jet-Stream. A Jet-stream account is easier to set up than an YouTube account with an active AdSense account. Jet-Stream offers different account options and recommends a Webcast account for events.
Get a trial for a month. Get a free account here.
Note: Setting up an Jet-Stream could take up to a day.
The pricing for a Webcast account is as follows:
Streaming quality
Viewers per hour
SD 500Kbps quality
per 100
HD 1Mbps quality
per 100
Full HD 4Mbps quality
per 100
4K UHD quality
per 100
Choose the preferred quality, select the number of broadcast hours and the number per 100 viewers. Calculate the required webcast budget. The more viewers and hours, the lower the price gets. We advise you to contact Jet-Stream if you need help setting up your account.
Before you can start live streaming you need to download encoding software to set up your live stream. We recommend downloading Open Broadcaster Software. Useful information on how to use OBS can be found here.

Stream from a desktop or laptop

Creating a stream

  1. 1.
    Login into Jet-Stream.
  2. 2.
    Click on 'Live streams'.
3. Add a new RTSP/RTMP live stream.
4. Select the user. 5. Under 'Protocol' select RTMP. 6. Enter a stream name. 7. Once everything is set click on 'Create Live Stream'.
8. A pop-up with information will show. This information is needed to connect with the encoder.
This is the streaming key that needs to be inserted in the encoder.
Should say 'rtmp'.
Primary server
Insert the server in the encoder.
Secondary server
You could use this server instead if needed.
Insert the username in the encoder.
Insert the password in the encoder.
9. Connect the stream with the encoder. This article explains how to connect the live stream when using OBS.
It might take a minute for the encoder to connect with Jet-Stream. Refreshing the page might help.
Once everything is set up it should look like this.

Insert the live stream in the Let's Get Digital environment

1. Once the stream is connected with the encoder, click on Preview / embedcode generator.
2. Copy the 'Source URL' at the bottom of the pop-up and head over to the Admin Panel. 3. In the Admin Panel, hover over settings. Select 'Virtual event settings'.
4. Click on 'Lobby content' from the left hand menu. 5. Select Jetstream livestream.
5. Copy the 'Source URL' into the 'Jetstream URL' tab.
6. Scroll down and click on 'Save changes'.
The live stream will play in the lobby. Attendees can change the volume and portrait mode.
Please contact your Delivery Consultant in case you are using a token to encode Jet-Stream streams.

The end result

Your stream will be visible in the lobby.