Set-up meeting (VP)
Set-up meetings allow us to gain insight into your needs and wishes for your platform from the beginning. Read on to see how this is arranged and what could be on the agenda.

Arranging the meeting/appointment

Once the contract has been signed, your Delivery Consultant will be in touch to introduce themselves and explain a few initial set up instructions.
Once those steps have been completed, you schedule a set up meeting with our Delivery Consultant through a link you received in the email which also included the design proposal for your app.

The agenda

A set-up meeting discusses a range of topics that provide us with some insight and understanding of your needs, your wants, and what our Delivery Consultants can do for you. Some common subjects we will discuss include:
  • Why you want our platform
  • What your goal is
  • Your language choice
  • An explanation of the general settings
  • A timeline for building the platform along with making 'To-do' lists for both you and us
  • Any questions you might have
  • Excel sheets referring to users, companies and programme