Custom Designed Badge

Kick off your event efficiently with Let’s Get Digital’s badge printing possibilities. Thanks to the seamless synchronization with our app, your check-in is smarter, faster and immediately ensures that your users can network to the fullest extent. Let’s Get Digital's badge printing offers the perfect solution to guarantee a smooth and professional start for the users of your in-person or hybrid events!
We offer the possibility of creating your own custom designed badge. This means that you can create your own badge based on your wishes and branding. This design will be processed by Let’s Get Digital so that all participants receive their own badge with your design during the event.
The following points are important to bear in mind when creating your own badge design:
  • Cover the badge as little as possible with full ink otherwise you will get stripes in your design.
  • If you use thin lines in your design, please make these lines at least two pixels wide so they can be printed properly and visibly.
  • The badge dimensions are: 1150 x 3190
  • The supplied badge design must contain both sides.
  • The badge folds inwards, please keep in mind that text and images are turned towards each other on the badge (mirrored).
  • We recommend the badge to contain a name, company name, (company role), QR-code.
  • The badge must be supplied as an svg file (ideal) or png file.
  • We prefer to receive two versions of the badge. 1 version of the full badge including a full name, company name, function and QR code and 1 version with only the background of the badge without text and without QR code
  • If you use specific fonts on the badge, we would also like to receive the font files as TTF files.
  • In case there will be long names on the badge (e.g. personal names, company names etc.) we would like to know your preference. Could we put the text on a second line or do you prefer that the text ends up smaller on the badge.
Below is a sample of the files for the Let's Get Digital badge so you can use that as a guide when designing your own badge for your event.
LGD Badge Background + Information.png
LGD Badge Background + Information.png
LGD Badge Background Only.svg
LGD Badge Background Only.svg
LGD Badge + Notes.png
LGD Badge + Notes.png