App - Best Practises

Use the following best practises to make sure the app work's automatically for you!

1. Navigation layout

We advise the use the following navigation item structure:

  • Combined startpage*

    • Connection Center

    • Swipe-2-Match

    • Floorplan

    • Appointment

Side navigation

  • My QR code

  • Programme

    • Full Programme

    • Personal programme

  • Exhibitors

  • Logged-in attendees

  • My connections

  • Chat

  • More

    • Settings

    • About this app

    • Leave a review

*Tip: Limit the Start page to a maximum of 4-6 key menu items. Place the

2. Social wall encouragment

Place a non-pinned message (as the organisation) promoting your attendees to make their first social wall post.

*Here is an example social wall post with a proven track record to boost social wall engagment:

Final preparations are underway for the event and we are very excited to welcome you! Let us know if you are excited as we are by posting on this social wall.

See you soon!

*Extra booster: Get at least one colleage to reply or post on the social wall.

3. Scheduled e-mails

Incorprate the following emails in your onboarding process:

ReceiversLogin stateWhenType mail

All users


1 week before the event

Invite to application

All users

People who didn't login yet

1 day before the event

Reminder application (with stats)

All users

People who didn't login yet

2 hours before the event

The event starts

All users

People who did login

2 hours after the event stops

Sent an overview of all leads



2 weeks before the event start

Invite to exhibitor portal


Exhibitor who didn't login yet

3 days before the event

Reminder to exhibitor portal

4. Feedback / Net promoter score (NPS)

  • Enable automatic session feedback pop-ups at the end of each session

  • Schedule an NPS push notification (this gives your event a general score) (1 hour before the event stops)

  • Schedule 1 general feedback question about the app. (2 hours before the event stops)

5. Warm-up push messages

Warm the audience, with some scheduled push messages.

MomentContent example

2 days before the event

Get connected with the other attendees. Have a look in the connection centre to see what brings them to the event, or use the swipe-2-match module.

Evening before the event

Tomorrow the event starts! We are looking forward to it. You as well? Let us know in the Social Feed

Moment check-in opens

The check-ins is just opened. We are looking forward to see you soon!

After each day

Day XXX is closed. We hope to see you tomorrow

After final day

The event is over. Hopefully you've made very great connections and get inspired with new knowlegde. If you've made connections using this application you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link to your contacts. Use this application to connect to the people you've missed or as a contact book for all your relevant contacts.

6. Matchmaking

  • Create 10 to 15 relevant matchmaking tags.

  • Set-up automatic matchmaking rounds with 2 connections made each round. (1 time 1 day before the event + 1 time 30 min before the events opens)

7. Appointments

Make it easier for your attendees to schedule appointments with your Exhibitors by choosing to automatically generate appointment slots for companies.

Enable in 'Settings' -> 'App settings' -> 'Networking bubble' -> 'Generate Automatic Appointment Slots for Companies'

8. Make sure all 'App content' is filled

Before attendees are onboarded to the App make everything is filled and looking good!

Areas too watch out for:

  • Companies profiles - has the company filled their company information and set a nice logo?

  • Speaker and Exhibitor profiles - Have these users got a description, relevant contact information and a profile picture?

  • The programme - Has each programme item got image, descriptio, location and relevant speakers/ exhibitors connected to it?

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