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Custom Badge

Do you want a custom badge implemented for your event? The article below details what is required.
We offer the possibility of creating your own custom-designed badge. This means that you can create your own badge based on the branding of your event.

What is needed to create a custom badge?

To be able to create a custom badge for your event you will need to provide some key information so that our developers can create and implement the badge in the system.
Please read the following information carefully:
We require the badge design a minimum of a month before the event.
Once the custom badge has been developed and implemented the design cannot be changed.

You will need to provide:

  • A custom badge design with the dimensions: 1150 X 3190 pixels (in PNG. format)
  • The badge design should only contain printable colours (CMYK colours). More information about CMYK colours can be found on this website.
  • 1 version of the badge with variable elements (First name, Last name, Company name, Company role, QR code etc).
  • 1 version of the badge without the variable elements (only the background images that are the same on each user badge)
  • TTF. file (only if your badge includes custom fonts) (please also include bold/ italic TTF. file if relevant to design)
As shown in the image below:
1) The badge will be folded in the centre therefore your badge design will need to include the mirrored image.
2) Designs with full ink coverage can cause streaks when printed.
3) Thin lines may not be picked up when printing please ensure the lines are at least 2 pixels.
Please be aware not to place important elements at the margins of the badge
LGD Badge Background with variables.png
LGD Badge Background with variables.png
Background design (without variables).png
Background design (without variables).png
Here are some design templates for your custom bagde:
Template---ExpoBadge-260 (2).png
Template---ExpoBadge-260 (2).png
Template - ExpoBadge 260 (2).ai
Template - ExpoBadge 260 (2).indt
Template - ExpoBadge 260 (3).pdf
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