🎫 Subscription model

This article describes what is needed in order to request an environment when you have a subscription at Let's Get Digital.

Unlimited events

The subscription model is perfect for organisations who organise at least 6 events on a yearly basis. Get in touch to learn more or get a quote.

Required information

Once the subscription deal is setup, you can use the information below to request a new environment.

When requesting a new environment by mail, please include the following information:

Name of the Event:
Event Start Date:
Event End Date:
Language of Event:
Contact person for specific Event (Full name, Email address, and phone number):
Is an App required (if yes Branded/ LGD App/ Multi Event App):
Room rental hours:
Institution using the environment and billing address:
If a Launch Assist project is required (Yes/No):

Once we have received the request, we will setup the environment and inform you about the next steps in the process.