Users (VP)
No event is complete without attendees. This article explains how users are inserted in the admin panel and how they appear in the virtual event.
We use Excel sheet templates, integrations and manual work to insert users in the admin panel.
Tip: There are 4 different types of users you should know about before you start to manage them:
  • Attendees - attendees may roam the event platform freely or can be restricted from entering specific sessions depending on the configuration of the admin panel. Attendees are spectators in a session and cannot activate their audio and camera (excluding breakout rooms) unless they have the permission to do so.
  • Speakers - an attendee becomes a speaker when linked to a programme item. Speakers may enter the session their account is linked to before the session starts to setup, for example, a presentation and polls, or to test their audio and video. Additionally, moderators may be connected to sessions; although they are not classified as a speaker, moderators do obtain the same rights for the session(s) they are connected to.
  • Organisers - the organisation of the event. Organisers have access to the admin panel to configure the event settings and have speaker rights in every session.
  • Exhibitors - an attendee becomes an exhibitor when linked to a company. Exhibitors obtain additional rights to configure their company booth to their liking.
While there is an overall home page for all users, each type also has a dedicated home page to make the management process and functions easier to handle.

Excel sheet templates

One way to insert data into the admin panel is through Excel sheets. During a setup meeting, your personal Delivery Consultant will explain the several Excel sheet templates we can offer, how to fill them out correctly and how we will import them into the virtual event environment.
After you send the Excel sheet, the import may take up to 48 hours!
In case want to upload your Excel file on your own, you can find a description here.


Our tool has existing integrations through several platforms which can be connected. This way, users will be automatically imported into the admin panel. The integrations options are:
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  6. 6.
Inform your personal Delivery Consultant once a ticket organisation is chosen. Every integration is different and we would like to advise you in the best way possible.

Manual adjustments in the admin panel

The data can always be edited, added or deleted manually in the admin panel. We recommend making adjustments manually when there are small changes shortly before the start of your event or during the event.
​This article describes how to make adjustments manually and the options the admin panel has to offer under 'users'.

The end result

Click on the menu in the top-right corner and select 'Attendees'.
Use the search bar to search for a user. Click on a user to view more information. You can start a chat, request a video chat, request a date and add the user to your connections.