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Speakers & Moderators (VP)

What is an event without speakers? Read this article to discover how your speakers and moderators can access the platform and their own sessions.
​This article explains how to make adjustments manually and the options the admin panel has to offer under 'Users'.


A moderator is a user type that has the same rights as a speaker when connected to a programme item. However, (Moderator) is shown behind the user's name to indicate that the user is a moderator. Just like speakers, they have the right to enter a session before the start of the session.
A user can be granted the right to be a moderator in a programme item by:

The result

Click on the tile called 'Speakers'. A list of speakers will be displayed.
When you click on a speaker, their profile will show. The page includes the talk and/or the company they are connected to.
The options are:
  • Select to request a meeting.
  • Make a connection.
  • Add a personal note.
  • Start a chat.
Last modified 3mo ago