Template editor (VP)

Setup templates to inform users about their login details among other things
Watch the Onboarding process instruction video for more information:

The home page/settings

To find the onboarding feature within the admin panel:
  1. 1.
    Hover over the communication tab.
  2. 2.
    Click on 'Mails' to extend the drop down menu.
  3. 3.
    Select 'Template editor'.

Template editor

In the overview you can view the mail system templates.

Using the right template

Below an overview of the system templates and the purpose they are commonly used for.
App and/or Virtual event
Specific usage
System template
Event start (virtual event)
Remind users that the event starts in a few days. Does not include login details, however, these can be added manually
Event day (virtual event)
Reminder users to login for today's event and send them their details to login
Register codes (app)
Send information to users with their login details and how to access the app
Reminder (app)
Send a reminder to download the app and remind users of their login details
Event day app (app)
Reminder users to login for today's event and to download the app
Less frequently used templates:
System template
Auto sent connections
Send an export of connections after the event. Also includes the amount of times a brochure was downloaded from a company page in the virtual event
Sends an export of the connections. This mail will be send automatically when a user requests this information in the virtual event platform.
Earlier login link
Send exhibitors details to login early to setup their company page in the virtual event platform
Certificate codes
Send attendees certificates (this module has to be activated)
New message
Send to notify users of a new message in the app or virtual platform
New registration
Send to users when they've created an account
Note overview
Send when users request an overview of their personal notes
Registration notification
Send when a user has registered with the app
Request code
Send when users request their registration code
Reset password
Send when users request to reset their password
Activity overview
Sent when users request an overview of their app activity

Editing/previewing templates

Select the preferred system template and customize it in order to send users information needed for the event:
  1. 1.
    Give the template a name, which will be displayed template editor.
  2. 2.
    Insert a subject of the mail.
  3. 3.
    Adjust the text of the mail accordingly.
  4. 4.
    Click on 'Save' to save the template in the template editor.
  5. 5.
    Click on 'Done' to return to the template editor overview.
Note: editing text in brackets, like {{ app_url }}, will distort the special tag.

Additional customization

There are a number of options to further customize a mail template.
Special tags
Action button
Mail includes
Preview result
Special tags are used to fill in data automatically in the mail:
  • Name of the organisation - name of the organisation.
  • Organisation Address - address of the organisation.
  • Organisation website - website of the organisation.
  • E-mail subject - subject of the mail.
  • App name - name of the app in the e-mails, see bottom of organisation page.
  • Recipients full name - full name of the recipient.
  • Recipients first name - first name of the recipient.
  • Recipients last name - last name of the recipient.
  • Recipient E-mail - e-mail of the recipient.
  • Recipient Login code - login code of the recipient.
  • Personal download app link - personal link to download the app on a mobile phone.
  • Personal go to virtual event link - personal link to open the virtual event on a laptop or PC.
Instead of adding the long URL of the 'Personal go to virtual event link' you should also embed a hyperlink to the virtual platform in the mail by:
  • Click 'Show HTML source' at the top of the mail.
  • Copy this string of code:
<a href="{{ virtual_event_url }}"> To virtual event </a>
  • Paste the string of code in the desired position of the mail.
  • Click 'Ok'.
  • Result:
Includes a button at the top-right side of the mail to redirect to the app or virtual event:
  • Action button - no/app/virtual event.
  • Action text - text displayed atop of the button.
Including an action button will remove the banner displayed at the top of the mail and will include the organisation logo and action button instead.
Include a badge or calendar invite:
  • Include badge - includes the badge of recipient.
  • Include ICAL - includes a calendar invite in the mail.
  • Include attachments - includes attachments
Note: The size limit of all the files attached is 10MB.
Preview the results:
  • Edit - edit the e-mail.
  • Preview - preview the mail.
  • Reset template - reset the template to the original system template.
  • Send preview - send a preview of the onboarding mail.