Help desk (VP)
The helpdesk function is a place for users to ask an event manager a question via live chat for a quick answer. To enable this function, tick the 'Is this user a chat help desk?' option when creating or editing a manager.

The end result in the virtual platform

To make the event experience as smooth as possible, we have added a 'HELP' button in the virtual environment lobby as well as on the pre-event page. Add Managers to the help desk in the virtual environment. It is advised to have some managers on stand-by during the event to help out users who require support.
Users can click on 'HELP' in the top-right corner of the lobby.
A screen will pop-up where users can either read the FAQs or write the question in a text field which will open a chat with the help desk manager.
Help desk button in the lobby
Help desk button on pre-event page
Note: Users assigned to the helpdesk will receive a browser notification pop up when receiving new questions (if the permission is given).

Monitor all help desk chats

In the admin panel, you can monitor all help desk chats by navigating to 'Communications' -> 'Help desk'. Here, you can see all the conversions between the users and the help desk. Furthermore, you can reassign conversations to other help desk agents. This can be useful when certain questions are more suitable for a specific help desk agent.
You can also send text messages to users through this menu, so you can reach out to users before they contacted the help desk:
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The end result in the virtual platform
Monitor all help desk chats