Promoting your app (App)
Advertising and promoting your app is vital to get the maximum number of downloads from your users. Read below the various ways you can do this.

Before your event


Once you have added users to your application, as long as they have an e-mail address you can send them an onboarding e-mail that advises they download the application. You can read more about the onboarding process here.

Pre-event QR codes

QR codes that link to your app in the app store can be used to promote the application before the event starts. For example, users could find them on an onboarding e-mail, or on your website.
If you would like a QR code to help promote your application, let us know so we can create and send one to you!

In-person at your event

You can have a banner like in the example below on the door of your event that highlights and encourages users to download the app. We'll discuss this during our set-up meeting anyway, but if you are interested please do let us know!

QR codes on the day

QR codes are available on banners and the users badges. If a user scans one of them then they'll be directed to their app store and encouraged to download the application!
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