Apple Developers Account (App)
Your company needs this to publish your app and can take an hour or longer to make, before being approved by Apple within 14 days (Albeit usually sooner). This article explains the process for you.
Note: If you run into any issues with this or any process involving Apple and their developer account, we strongly recommend contacting Apple for their support.
Whilst we could sometimes have the answer, Apple are much better positioned to provide you with assistance as this is their service and process.


Please ensure the developer account you create using the steps below is a company account and not a personal one.
You will also need an Apple device to be able to complete this process.
  1. 1.
    Create an Apple ID via:!&page=create, and follow the on screen instructions.
Note: Use a separate e-mail address for this (For example [email protected]).
Do not use an e-mail address that contains the word 'GroupLink' or 'Let's Get Digital' as it can interfere with our own App Store account, potentially delaying publication of the app.
2. After making the Apple ID, two-step authentication needs to be switched on. You will need an Apple device (Iphone, Ipad, Macbook etc) for this, and you can find instructions for how to do it here.
3. Follow the link: Read all the information and select 'Start Your Enrollment'.
4. Continue and complete the steps as prompted (You'll need your Apple ID and D-U-N-S number. If you don't know your D-U-N-S number, request it here).
5. Once you have completed Apple's steps and paid, you should see a message saying: 'Your enrolment is being processed'. This confirms the registration was successful and Apple have begun reviewing the account for approval.
6. Keep an eye on the e-mails of the address you registered for an Apple ID with, if Apple have any questions then they could send them there. You'll also then receive an e-mail confirmation there once the enrolment process is complete.
7. Log in via: and accept the terms and conditions. You'll likely need the two-factor authentification set up previously here.
As soon as your account has been approved, we need to be provided with access so that we can publish the app on your companies behalf. Granting access only takes 5 minutes and you can read how to grant us access here.
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