This article will give guide you through the setup and integration of Eventix with Let's Get Digital.

What data can be imported from Eventix?

It is possible to import the following fields from Eventix to Let's Get Digital:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Eventix QR code

These fields will automatically be imported when a ticket is purchased and the Eventix connection to Let's Get Digital has been made.

Activate the Eventix Integration

Making the integration between Eventix and Let's Get Digital should take no longer than 2 minutes using the following steps:

  1. Open the Admin panel

  2. Navigation to Settings -> Integrations

  3. Click on New integration -> Choose Eventix

  4. Give integration a name

  5. Click on Authenticate Eventix -> Login to your Eventix account

  6. Click Give access to authorise the connection

  7. Select the Eventix event you want to integrate

  8. Save changes

Finalize the setup

Now you have connected Let's Get Digital to your Eventix event you can finalize the setup of your integration:

  1. Set the integration to Active

  2. Save changes

  3. Click Install webhook

  4. Setup your Ticket settings

  5. Save changes

Ticket settings

You can setup two different automations that will take place based on the ticket type. This can help send customised onboarding flows to users based on tags or by directing the user to a specific Let's Get Digital Registration Form to gather more specific information from the user.

You can link specific tickets to a specific user tags. This is useful for many reasons for example customising communications or showing content based on tags.

*To set this up you first need to create your users tags

Do you want more information from your users once they have registered for the event for example; matchmaking interests, profile picture, conection centre profile info etc. Then gather this data by linking the ticket to a specific registration form.

*To use this feature you first need to have your registration forms setup.

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