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Scheduled mail

Save time precious time with the use of the Scheduled mail feature.
The scheduled mail feature enables you to pre-plan communication with event users. You can send targeted emails to specific user groups based on tags or to all users. The system also backdates emails for new users, ensuring they receive all necessary information.

How to access the template editor

You can access the template editor from the Admin panel under:
Communication --> Mails --> Scheduled mail

How to schedule a mail

You can schedule a mail from the Scheduled mail overview by completing the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Click on the green button '+ New scheduled mail'
  2. 2.
    Choose the template you want to use (it is still possible to make adjustments to the mail at this point)
  3. 3.
    Click Next
  4. 4.
    Enter the tag(s) of the specific users you want to send the mail to. (if you leave this empty, it will send the e-mail to everyone).
  5. 5.
    Next, choose whether you want to send the e-mail to users with at least one of the selected tags or to users with all the selected tags.
If you select 'All of the selected tags' the users must have all of the selected tags to receive the email
  1. 6.
    Choose the receiver state (you can choose to send it to everyone or see the table below for different receiver states)
  2. 7.
    Click Next
  3. 8.
    Set the date & time the mail should be sent
  4. 9.
    Set the date & time that the mail should not be sent out anymore (if this email is not relevant anymore after a certain point in time, you can set an end date)
Please note: If you do not set an end date here, users who get added to the Admin Panel later on will still receive this scheduled email. So you do not need to worry about sending this email to users who sign up at the last minute. We recommend NOT setting an end date to important emails with login credentials!
  1. 10.
    You can check how many users will receive the mail when the scheduled date is reached
  2. 11.
    Click Save to schedule the mail
Note: you can still make adjustments to the mail up until the scheduled send date.

Receiver states

Rules login
Rules check-in
Rules RSVP *
Only send to logged in users
Only send to users who checked in at the event
Only send to users who didn't respond to the RSVP
Only send to users who didn't login yet
Only send to users who didn't check in at the event
Only send to users who accepted the RSVP
Only send to users who logged in and have at least one connection
Only send to users who declined the RSVP
*Only shown when RVSP option is activated

Further mail settings

You can access further mail settings by going to Settings --> General settings --> Mail settings (Please see related article listed below)
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