Location self check-in (App)
This page describes how the location self check-in function works.

How to set it up

At your in-person or hybrid event, you can hang up QR codes at the entrance to 'Locations' so that attendees can scan them with the app to check-in to programme items.
In the admin panel, navigate to 'Settings' and select 'App settings'. Click on 'Self check-in service' on the left hand side menu to enable the functionality and to choose the amount of time users can check-in in advance to programme items.
Afterwards, navigate to 'Content' and choose 'Locations'. Under the 'export' column, you can find a QR-code button that you can click. You will then be forwarded to a QR-code with the name of the location and the description above it. You can print out and display this QR code at the entrance to the locations at your event venue for users to scan with their QR-code scanner built within the Let's Get Digital app.
After the event, you can download the statistics to see how many and which attendees checked in for which programme items.

The end result