Excel sheets (VP)
You can add users manually in the admin panel or you can use our excel sheet templates to import the data. The Delivery Consultant will explain how to fill the sheets during the set-up meeting.
We have created different Excel sheets, including attendees, speakers, companies/exhibitors, programme and posters.
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    Download the files and complete as described in the file.
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    Send the file to [email protected]
VERY IMPORTANT for your planning!
We promise to upload the file once we receive it within 48 hours.
The attendees Excel sheet can only be imported twice. The speaker, companies/exhibitor and programme excel sheets can only be imported once.
(Event name) Program.xlsx
(Event name) Companies_Exhibitors.xlsx
(Event name) Attendees.xlsx
(Event name) Others.xlsx
(Event name) Speakers.xlsx
(Event name) Call to actions.xlsx
(Event name) Networking tables.xlsx
If you enter the data incorrectly in the Excel sheet, and therefore incorrectly in the virtual environment, your delivery consultant will send the excel sheet back to you and ask you to correct it. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them.
Please note: the maximum amount of columns we can import at once is 200.

Filling the Excel-files

We have created instruction videos which explain how to fill the files. These can be accessed via the following links:
In the Excel sheets, all users must have a unique number assigned. This number must be truly unique and should therefore not be used more than once! Make sure this number corresponds to every Excel sheet.
Furthermore, the name of a user may only appear in one sheet. For all other sheets, the unique number can then be used. This means that a speaker who is also an exhibitor can be filled in completely in the speaker Excel sheet. Then only the corresponding unique number can be entered in the companies/exhibitor Excel sheet.
Thus, it is really important that the existing data stays exactly the same. Even a dot or an added letter will cause duplications in the admin panel. Once you filled in the Excel sheet, please make sure that the information is correct, so the admin panel is filled with correct data. Changing data afterwards is possible but as soon differences in spelling etc. appear, the computer will be confused and mistakes will appear.
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