Companies (App)
Companies involved with your event can be given a company profile for users to see. This can be used to provide users with further information on those companies or to advertise your sponsors.
Available for: in-person events; packages: core, advanced and extensive

The home page

To find the companies feature within the admin panel, hover over the content tab and select 'Companies'.

Understanding the home page

Company headers

On the home page, there are a variety of quick view headings for your list of users. These are as follows:
Phone number
The company name
URL for their website
A contact number
Their e-mail address
The city of their address
To individually manage the company. Read more here.

Management buttons

Above the headers are two buttons for you to add new and manage companies. On the left is 'Actions', and on the right is 'New company'.


The actions drop down menu has two different options:
  • ​Company tags - Manage the tags that link to your companies.
  • Bulk import companies - Bulk import a number of companies.

Managing companies (Individually)

Note: If you have purchased a package that includes our filling in service, we will complete the below steps on your behalf. However, in order for us to upload company logo's or other images then we ask you send us these (as PNG or JPEG files) so that we can add the correct logo's.
Please note: We recommend using a company logo with the size 400x200px

Creating a new company

  1. 1.
    Open the home page.
  2. 2.
    Click on 'New company'.
  3. 3.
    Complete the 'Company details' fields as described (Fields marked with a * are mandatory).
4. Complete the 'Extra company details' fields.
5. Complete the 'Connecting company' fields. 6. Click on 'Add Company'.
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Editing and deleting companies

Each company has two icons to their right:
- Edit icon: Click here to make adjustments similarly to when first creating a company.
- Delete icon: Click here to remove the company altogether.

Advertising companies

If you want to know more about how you can advertise companies to your users, please read more by clicking here.


Follow the instructions on the navigation article here to find out how to add company pages (and other features) to your app!

The end result