Import files (App + VP)
Drop your Excel-files containing users, companies, sessions, contributions or push messages in the admin panel.

Files to import

The Excel sheets templates can be found on this page and should be used accordingly.
Please note: in order to import the data we require these templates to be filled in accurately. Contact support in case you require more information.
In the admin panel either drop a file in the box on the overview, or hover over the settings tab and select 'Import files'.
Select the data type, depending on the data that needs importing, being either users, companies, sessions, posters, push messages.
The file is uploaded to the admin panel when approved.

Understanding the home page

File name
Uploaded by:
Last action by:
Last modified
The name of the environment plus the name of the file
Waiting / Declined / Approved / Inserted
Selected data type
Users who uploaded the file
Last user who made a modification
Date and time of the last modification
Download or deleted the file
You will receive a notification through mail when the data has been declined, approved or imported. We will provide an explanation when the file is declined in order to fix the issue.