Questionnaire (App)
This article breaks down the questionnaire in further detail.

Important information

We will send you a questionnaire via e-mail which we use to collect all the data needed in order to publish the app in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. The information needed for the app itself (Such as the programmes, speakers, and companies etc) will be completed at a later stage.
Important: We cannot make the application if the questionnaire hasn't been completed!
Hint: If you receive the questionnaire in Dutch but would prefer an English version or German version, add "/en" or ''/de'' to the end of your URL and press enter on your keyboard.

The questionnaire

You can begin to fill in the questionnaire and come back to it later if required. However, completed fields disappear from the questionnaire so please contact us if you want to make any edits later.
Below is a breakdown of the questionnaire and how it should be completed:
Contact Person
Event details
Application data
Software accounts & permissions
This is the information that we need in order for us to reach our contact person within your company should there be any questions.
The name of the person who is filling in the questionnaire also the contact person for the application
E-mail address
The e-mail address that you will use to log into the admin panel. You will be able to add additional admins later if required.
The password for the admin account.
Telephone number
The telephone number where we can reach the contact person with any eventual questions.
This is the information that we need in order to publish the app.
Name of the event
The name of the event
Start date
The first day of the event
End date
The final day of the event (This is optional for one day events)
Establishment date
The date you want the app to be set up on.
Note: This must be at least 1 month in advance of the beginning of your event.
Website for the event. This will be visible in the app store.
This is the information that partly determines how the app will look. You can edit this information up until a maximum of two weeks before the app launches.
App store name
This is the name people can use to find the app in the store. This doesn't have to be the same as the app's name on the phone
Phone app name
This is the name of the application as displayed on the phone.
Note: You can only use a maximum of 13 characters.
App icon
This is the icon used for the app. Note: The image needs to be sized to 1024x1024 pixels.
Log in logo
This is the logo displayed on the app's log-in screen. This image can also be transparent.
Note: The image needs to be sized to 512x512 pixels.
Short description
A short description that is visible before the app is downloaded.
Note: This can be a maximum of 80 characters. Example: The official app for Let's Get Digital.
App/Play store description
A longer description that is visible when people want more information about the app before they download it. This is a good place to mention what visitors can do with the app, why they need to download it, and what benefits they can get from it.
Note: This text must be about the app and cannot contain only general information about the event. There can also only be a maximum of 4000 characters.
Main colour
The two main colours from the application for the app using the hex codes (For example, #A1B2C3). These codes are often found in a corporate identity document. They can also be determined in consultation with the internal service or taken from the website.
A list of tags where the app can be found in the Apple App Store.
For example: Lets Get Digital, Virtual Events, LGD.
This is the confirmation needed for us to use the provided information to build and publish the app on your behalf.
Application management
Gives us permission to manage the account on behalf of your company, and to use the companies logo in the app
Confirmation that the form is completed by the correct person by entering your initials and surname.
For example: A B C Smith
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